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Our admissions policy states the criteria and standards required for students to gain admissions to the College. Students must meet the following:

Academic Requirements

  • Students seeking admissions to Year 7 must be 10 years or older by September of their admission year
  • All applicants must have at minimum a score of 60% in their previous session reports
  • Students seeking entrance must also score an average of 60% on their Entrance Examination
  • Lyceum College is an English speaking school and all students must demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admission.
  • All previous school records must be officially submitted in original versions
  • Parents and Guardians are required to submit and acknowledge all documentations pertaining to their child’s admissions to the college including child’s medical history, emergency contact numbers, etc.

Admissions Criteria

Please note that candidates seeking admission into Year 7 must take the following exams:

  • English Language, Mathematics, Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude and General Paper (consisting of Science, Current Affairs and Reasoning Skills questions).
  • Students transferring to the College (Year 8 and Year 10) must sit for English Language, Mathematics, Biology and any other subject deemed necessary.
  • Oral Interviews are compulsory for every student before admission.
  • The College reserves the right to ask for additional information/document from previous schools
  • Certified bank draft from a reputable bank

One time discount

  • A discount of N50,000 is granted for full session payment

Sibling discounts (Applicable on tuition only)

  • 5% discount on tuition is allowed for same biological siblings of three children in the group of schools
  • Discount is allowed on four children in the following manner: Youngest (by class) child 5%, 2nd child 5%, 3rd child 5%, Oldest (by class) child 10%
  • Discount is allowed on five children in the following manner: Youngest child 5%, 2nd child 5%, 3rd child 5%,4th child 10%, Oldest child 10%
  • The discount is discontinued once the number of students drops below 3

The discount may be reversed if the number of students drops below 3 during the course of a term


In our quest to encourage and sustain the academic excellence the college is known for, the College offers academic scholarships to the best student in the competitive entrance examination into JSS1. This scholarship is renewable on an annual basis but subject to the continuous excellent performance of the recipients, and terms and conditions specified by the school. Scholarship amounts vary but are typically 50% off the tuition fee for the student.

How To Apply

Prospective candidates are required to follow these steps:

  • STEP I: Purchase an application form from Lyceum College, one of our liaison offices or download an application form from this website.
  • STEP II: Completed application forms should be submitted to the College in person or via email (to with a recent passport photograph, copy of birth certificate, and receipt of payment for the application form.
  • STEP III: Upon receipt of all application documents, applicants are expected to take the entrance exams at the stipulated date and centres. International students will be provided with instructions on taking the test at our international liaison offices. Please note that all prospective candidates MUST demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English prior to admission into the College.
  • STEP IV: Successful candidates will receive admission letters with further instructions on registration procedures. Parents are required to pay School Fees upon receipt of admissions letters. All fees must be paid before the commencement of each term.

Payment Procedures

  • A certified bank draft from a reputable bank delivered to the school’s accounts office.
  • Deposits/Wire Transfers to the school’s domiciliary account

Personal Cheques are NOT accepted

Academic Overview

At Lyceum College we take great pride in our ability to help our pupils reach their full potential and prepare for life ahead. By adopting both the British and Nigerian curricula, our pupils can gain valuable educational certification for use domestically and around the world. We firmly believe in providing our pupils with a unified British and Nigerian curriculum. Our educational establishment provides the possibility to take exams from 5 different leading examination bodies.

Academic life at Lyceum College begins in Junior Secondary School (JSS) for pupils aged 12 – 14 (Years 7, 8 and 9). Our curriculum has 12 Core Subjects for our pupils in Junior Secondary School and we also have 3 Elective Options available. By giving our pupils a strong educational foundation in Junior Secondary School, they are fully prepared for their exams and Senior Secondary School.

At the age of 15 our pupils move to Lyceum College’s Senior Secondary School (SSS) until they graduate at 17. Our Senior Secondary School curriculum is split over 3 years (Years 10, 11 and 12) and is renowned for being exceptionally comprehensive. Here, our faculty teach 12 Core Subjects and build on the strong educational foundation our pupils’ already have. Our Senior Secondary School pupils select 3-4 School Specialization Subjects from the 20 our modern curricula make available. We also offer 5 Trade and Entrepreneurship Options for pupils who wish to peruse more traditional routes in the future.


We provide affordable, safe and efficient door-to-door transportation for students from Monday to Friday. The school operates a school shuttle service. One-way transportation is available upon request.

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