The College Policy

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The College Policy

  • Teachers are recruited based on the number of years of experience and qualification.
  • Teachers are to resume for work by 7:20 a.m and leave by 4:30 p.mevery day.
  • Teachers are entitled to increase in salary and other benefits based on performance.
  • Teachers must not be absent from any staff meeting organized by the school.
  • Teachers shall take up any other duties assigned to them, apart from teaching, by the school.
  • Teachers must develop their teaching skills and curriculum to meet the students’ needs.


  • To begin with, operational plans (financial and marketing) will be a key point in bringing students to the college.
  • Educational plans: curriculum implementation and assessment
  • An accountant must present the budget of the year for the school.
  • Administrator handles the educational and staffing aspects of the school plan.


  1. Administration: Principal, Vice Principal Academics, Vice Principal Administration, Secretary to the Principal, Registrar, Librarian, Accountant, Auditor, and Support staff
  2. Student Affairs: Guidance and Counseling, student complaints etc
  3. Mathematics
  4. Languages: English Language and Literature, Hausa Language, Yoruba Language, Igbo Language and French Language
  5. Science and technology: Basic science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  6. Social Science and Arts: Religion and National Value, Geography, Government,
  7. Extracurricular activities: Swimming, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Chess, Sports, Ballet, Quiz and Debate.


There are at least three (3) standard classrooms, well ventilated, for junior secondary schools 1-3.There are also be laboratory for science and business studies (typewriter room),computer room for Information Technology, and creative art studio. Each class is assigned as follows:

  • Junior Secondary School 1: 7th grade
  • Junior Secondary School 2: 8th grade
  • Junior Secondary School 3: 9th grade


Our curriculum is in line with the Ministry of Education revised edition. This is for preparing students for the external exam (BECE) for promotion into senior secondary school 1: “10th grade”.

The revised BECE comprises of the following subjects:

1. English Studies

2. Mathematics

3. Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA)

4. One Nigerian Language

5. Basic Science and Technology (BST)

i. Basic Science

ii. Basic Technology

iii. Physical &Health

iv. Information Technology

6. Pre- Vocational Studies, PVS

i. Home Economics

ii. Agriculture

7. Religion and National Values, RNV

i. Christian Religious Studies

ii. Islamic Studies,

iii. Social Studies,

iv. Civic Education

v. Security Education

8. French

9. Business studied/Entrepreneurship, BSE

10. Arabic (Optional)

POLICY (Before you submit your application, please read the following carefully)

The following policy applies before the start of the programme and when a student withdraws from Lyceum College after fees are paid.

  1. Application fee is non-refundable.
  2. Two third of the tuition fee will be paid prior to the start of the programme.
  3. One half of the paid tuition fees will be refunded if the student withdraws, for whatever reasons, anytime within 30 calendar days from the start of the programme.
  4. No refund of paid tuition fees will be granted if the student withdraws, for whatever reasons, after 30 days from the start of the programme.
  5. No refund of paid tuition fees will be granted if the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from school.

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